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With Harley Wax you can expect more than just a wax.
You can expect a nourishing skin treatment that will remove hairs as short as 1mm.
Expect quicker delivery times, better customer service and a more superior wax.

Welcome To Harley Waxing

Beauty therapists, salon and spa owners now have the opportunity to offer clients an advanced hair removal treatment that is virtually pain free, causes no skin irritation, nor leaves behind any sticky residue.

  • Our wax shrink wraps itself to the hair & not the skin
  • Causes less irritation and little or no redness
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Suitable for all types of skin & hair
  • Removes hair as short as 1mm
  • Ideal for people with very sensitive skin
  • Has a low melting temperature
  • Our Gold Wax is ideal for Men’s Waxing

"A nourishing skin treatment that removes hairs as short as 1mm."

- Harley Wax

Harley Wax Product Range


Erin Casey – Galway and Longford Education and Training Board

“I would just like to say that we are thrilled to be working with Harley Wax and we have seen such a huge improvement in our students since moving to your brand with 100% success in our QQI and ITEC in 2019.”


Paula – Miss Bliss, Cork

“I have tried different waxing products over the years and when I came across Harley Wax, I had no doubt, it’s absolutely the best products by far. My favourite one is Azulene Film Wax, using the oil before applying the wax makes it so easy to remove the wax without leaving residues and its way more gentle on the skin. So often clients says “I feel like I want to wrap my whole body in this wax”. Seeing them coming back every month, reassures me that I’m using the best wax in my salon. Can’t wait to try on the product for ingrown hairs.”


Christina – TLC Beauty, Galway

“I’ve been using Harley Hot Wax for a few years now and absolutely love it! My clients love the subtle rose fragrance, it provides a less painful waxing experience and keeps my clients coming back time and time again!”


Mihaela – Invancenco Dublin Ireland

“I am using Harley Wax for 7 years, I love the fact that it is so gentle on the most sensitive skin. It is great to work with a product that is efficient, pliable and smells amazing too- it makes my job easy!”


Anne – Adore Cork Ireland

“I have been using Harley Wax in my salon for four years now. I use Harley because it gives excellent results. It is comfortable for the client and easy for the therapist to use. My staff and clients love it. Our waxing business has grown since I started using Harley as clients are very happy and keep returning”


Maria – The Lakehouse Beauty Rooms Cork Ireland

“I love using Harley Wax, it is so easy to use and painless for clients which is always a huge bonus, who wants it to be more painful than it needs to be! The various flavours are amazing too, I especially love the summer fruits and rose scents. The girls at Harley Wax are wonderful to deal with too, nothing is too much trouble and delivery times are so quick! Never been happier with a supplier!”


Eilish – Elizabeth C Beauty Galway Ireland

“We have used Harley Rose Wax in our salon for over 5 years and are very happy with both the product and service. Our clients love the comfort of the wax treatments and are always happy with the end result. The product is consistent in texture and application and totally reliable. The training is excellent. We are a dedicated Harley clinic”


Vicky – Edvard & Pink Dundrum Dublin Ireland

“It is really easy to work with, causes no skin irritation and removes even the smallest hairs.”

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